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Publications Académiques - 2009

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Publications académiques 2009

The Journal of Wealth Management
Amenc, Noël; Goltz, Felix; Schröder, David
Private Bankers on Private Banking: Financial Risks and Asset/Liability Management
The Journal of Wealth Management, Winter 2009, Vol. 12, No. 3: pp. 39-50.
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Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
Li, Xiafei; Brooks, Chris; Miffre, Joëlle
The Value Premium and Time-Varying Volatility
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Volume 36, Numbers 9-10, November/December 2009 , pp. 1252-1272 (21).
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The Journal of Portfolio Management
Amenc, Noël; Martellini, Lionel; Milhau, Vincent; Ziemann, Volker
Asset-Liability Management in Private Wealth Management
The Journal of Portfolio Management, Fall 2009, Vol. 36, No. 1: pp. 100-120.
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Journal of Business Ethics
Demuijnck, Geert
From an Implicit Christian Corporate Culture to a Structured Conception of Corporate Ethical Responsibility in a Retail Company: A Case-Study in Hermeneutic Ethics
Journal of Business Ethics, 2009, Volume 84, Supplement 3.
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Applied Economics Letters
Arouri M. H., M. Bellalah, D.K.Nguyen
The comovements in international stock markets: new evidence from Latin American emerging countries
Septembre 2009, Vol. 16.
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The Journal of Derivatives

Goltz, Felix; Wan Ni Lai
Empirical Properties of Straddle Returns »
Automne 2009, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p. 38-48, 11 p.
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Forensic Science International
du Jardin, Philippe; Ponsaillé, Juliette; Alunni-Perret, Véronique; Quatrehomme, Gérald
A comparison between neural network and other metric methods to determine sex from the upper femur in a modern French population
Septembre 2009, vol. 192, n° 1-3, pp. 127.e1-127.e6.
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Journal of Economic Policy Reform
Chong, Alberto; Guillen, Jorge; Lopez-de-Silanes, Florencio
Corporate governance reform and firm value in Mexico: an empirical assessment.
Septembre 2009, Vol. 12 Issue 3, pp. 163-188.
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Journal of Marketing Management
Peñaloza, Lisa
And the beat goes on! Critical marketing for community development
Septembre 2009, Vol. 25 Issue 7/8, pp.855-859.
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American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
Balas, Aron; La Porta, Rafael; Lopez-de-Silanes, Florencio; Shleifer, Andrei
The Divergence of Legal Procedures
Aoüt 2009, v. 1, iss. 2, pp. 138-62.
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Journal of Wealth Management
Gregoriou, Greg N.; Lhabitant, François-Serge
Madoff: A flock of Red Flags
Eté 2009, Vol. 12 Issue 1, pp. 89-97.
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Journal of Business Ethics
Fasterling, Björn
Managerial law firm and the globalization of legal ethics
88, Août 2009, pp.21-34.
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Journal of Business Ethics
Demuijnck, Geert
Non-Discrimination in Human Resources Management as a Moral Obligation
88, Août 2009, pp. 83-101.
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Journal of Alternative Investments
Amenc, Noël; Goltz, Felix

The Way Ahead for Exchange-Traded Funds: Results from a European Survey
Vol. 12 Issue 1, Summer 2009, pp. 50-54.
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Journal of Corporate Finance (Contracting, Governance and Organization)

Palomino, Frédéric; Zhang, Chendi; Renneboog, Luc
Information Salience, Investor Sentiment, and Stock Returns: the Case of British Soccer Betting
Vol. 15 Issue 3, pp.368-387.
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Hege, Uli; Palomino, Frédéric; Schwienbacher, Armin
Venture Capital Performance: The Disparity between Europe and the United States
Vol. 30, n°1/2009, pp. 7 - 50.
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Applied Financial Economics

Fuertes, Ana-Maria; Miffre, Joëlle; Tan, Wooi-Hou
Momentum profits, non-normality risks and the business cycle
Volume 19, Issue 12 June 2009 , pages 935 - 953.
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Revue Internationale de Droit Economique
Fasterling, Björn
; Duhamel, Jean-Christophe
Le Comply or explain : la transparence conformiste en droit des sociétés
2009/2 - t. XXIII, 2 - pages 129 à 157.
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Real Estate Economics
Nappi-Choulet, Ingrid; Maury, Tristan-Pierre
A Spatiotemporal Autoregressive Price Index for the Paris Office Property Market
Volume 37, Issue 2, 2009, pp. 305-340.
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Economics Bulletin
Arouri, Mohamed el Hédi; Jouini, Jamel
Analysis of structural breaks in the stock market integration of mexico into world
Vol. 29 no.2 pp. 1394-1406.
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Economics Bulletin
Arouri Mohamed el Hédi
; Fouquau, Julien
On the short-term influence of oil price changes on stock markets in gcc countries: linear and nonlinear analyses
Vol. 29 no.2 pp. 806-815.
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Revue Française de Gestion Industrielle

Ammar, Oussama; Charki, Mohamed Hédi
Les enchères électroniques inversées & la reconsidération des business models des fournisseurs
Vol. 28, n°1, pp. 61-76.
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Revue d'Economie Politique (Février 2009)
Chéron, Arnaud
La protection des emplois en France et ses effets différenciés selon l'âge : Une évaluation quantitative structurelle
N° 120 (1) janvier-février 2009
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European Financial Management
(Février 2009)
Goltz, Félix; Amenc, Noël; Lesourd, Veronique
The Performance of Characteristics-based Indices
EFM Special Issue on "Risk and Asset Management"
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Economics Bulletin (Février 2009)
Chéron, Arnaud
Equilibrium wage dispersion and the role of endogenous search effort revisited
Vol. 29 no.1 pp. 303-311.
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Economics Bulletin (Février 2009)
Khaskhoussi, Fouad; Langot, Francois; Khaskhoussi, Tarek et Chéron, Arnaud
Incentive Schemes to Delay Retirement and the Equilibrium Interplay with Human Capital Investment
Vol. 29 no.1 pp. 221-229.
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Economics Bulletin (Février 2009)
Jawadi, Fredj; Million, Nicolas; Arouri, Mohamed el Hédi
Stock market integration in the Latin American markets: further evidence from nonlinear modeling
Vol. 29 no.1 pp. 162-168.
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Bankers Markets Investors (Février 2009)
Dujardin P.

Bankruptcy Prediction Models: How to Choose the Most Relevant Variables?
N°98 Janvier-Février 2009 2009, pp. 43-50.
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The Journal of International Business Studies (Janvier 2009)
Arrégle J-L, P. Beamish, L. Hebert
The Regional Dimension of MNE's Foreign Subsidiary Localization
N°40, pp. 86-107 - Janvier 2009
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International Journal of Arts Management (Hiver 2009)
Guintcheva G., J. Passebois
The Place of Museum-Going in the European Leisure Markets: An Approach Based on Consumer Values
Volume 11, no 2 - Winter 2009, pp. 4-19.
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