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Labor Market Outcomes : A Transatlantic Perspective

11-12 January 2008,La Maison de la Chimie, Paris - France


EDHEC and GAINS (University of Le Mans) are jointly planning to organize in Paris an international Conference on Labor Market Outcomes: A Transatlantic Perspective with the support of ADRES and CEPREMAP, and in partnership with PSE.

The literature on labor economics has been growing in the last fifteen years. The observed heterogeneity among OECD countries puts emphasis on the employment incidence of unemployment benefits, labor taxes and so on. Recent works stress the primary role of these institutions when the economies face macroeconomic shocks. New analytical frameworks also take into account the different aspects of labor market heterogeneity (sectoral shift, human capital, age discrimination...).

The aim of this conference is to show the role played by institutions and the consequences of macroeconomic shocks in explaining labor market differences between European countries and the US. It is particularly concerned with modelling and assessing the main mechanisms at work behind these heterogeneous labor market outcomes.




  • Bruno Amable, University of Paris I & CEPREMAP
    The effect of employment protection and product market regulation on labour market performance: substitution or complementarity

    [Presentation Slides]

  • Lorenzo Corsini, University of Pisa
    Institution, Technological Change and the Wage Differential between Skilled and unskilled Workers: Theory and Evidence from Europe
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Gregory DeWalque, National Bank of Belgium
    Sequential bargaining in a new-Keynesian model with frictional unemployment
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Georg Duernecker, European University Institute Princeton University
    Technology Adoption, Turbulence and the Dynamics of Unemployment
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Monique Ebell, HU Berlin & LSE
    Product Market Regulation and Endogenous Union Formation
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Henri Fraisse, Cornell University and Banque de France
    Labor Market Outcomes and the Opening of the Black Box of Employment Protection Legislation
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Freddy Heylen, SHERPPA, Ghent University
    Why Europeans work (much) less? It is taxes and government spending
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Paul Maarek, Universityof Aix-Marseille II
    Labor Market Rigidities, International Trade and the Labor Share
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Christian Merkl, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
    Comparing the Effectiveness of Employment Subsidies

    [Presentation Slides]

  • Michael Neugart, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung
    Shocks and endogenous institutions - An agent based model of labor market performance in turbulent times
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Carsten Ochsen, University of Rostock, Germany
    Age Effects on Equilibrium Unemployment
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Lise Patureau, THEMA
    Divergence in Labor Market Institutions and International Business Cycles
    [Presentation Slides]

  • José Silva, Universitat Jaume I de Castellò
    Flexibility at the Margin and Flexibility at the Margin and Labor Labor Market Market Volatility in OECD Countries
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Fabien Tripier, LEN, University of Nantes
    The long-run relationship between growth and unemployment: A Transatlantic Perspective
    [Presentation Slides]

  • Hélène Turon, University of Bristol
    Severance Packages
    [Presentation Slides]

Conference Secretary

393-400 Promenade des Anglais
06202 Nice Cedex 3
+33 04 93 18 32 53

Organized by EDHEC and GAINS with the support of ADRES

In partnership with the Paris School of Economics

Sponsored by CEPREMAP

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